Pune Diaries #1: Encounter with a traffic cop.

Pune-Logo#My personal experiences.

#Not a fairy tale. Simple.

#An encounter with a traffic police.

It was a saturday afternoon, I remember. On one of the busiest and narrowest roads in the insides of City, I was driving my bike. It was somewhere near the famous Dagru shet temple, when I was whistled by a traffic policeman. I had recently joined a multinational in pune after my graduation, and so was new to the place back then. It was 2013, somewhere in the first quarter I guess.

He was a rather short guy, in thick lenses & in his late 50’s, with over bulging body curvatures. He shouted something in marathi with directioning of hands. I gauged by his expression, he was instructing to stop my bike on the sides.

I crawled my vehicle sidewards.

License..License ‘, He gave me a glance and yelled, scratching his belly, still further communicating with the crowd, looking to catch other preys.

‘Bhau, ye lo ‘, I stammered.

Gaadi ka kaagaz ? ‘ (Bike papers)”, He argued.

I showed him my bike’s RC book.

‘Kitna kamata hai ? (How much do you earn ?) he continued, as he took both my license and RC in his hand, looking distant miserably, knowing he had lost today’s share of a biker’s pocket.

‘Whattt ? ‘, I revolted, still trying to collect myself from the shocking and a very personal question. At least this one was not at all expected from a traffic hawaldar.

‘Kitna ? Salary kitna aata hai ? ‘ (Salary? How much ?)”, Again he repeated, determined to not let me go, until he gets answered.

‘Usse aapko kya matlab ? Mai kyu batayun ? Mere ko jaane do.’ (Why do you care ? Anyways, I will not tell. Let me go.)”, I retaliated angrily, my voice stern this time.

‘Mehnga bike hai. Jaldi bolne ka. Kitna mahine ka ? ‘ ( Its a costly bike. Make it fast. How much monthly ?)” He still argued, making the unwanted conversation lengthy, unpleasant for both of us. I had recently bought a Yamaha FZ-S, a black one with smoked green flames.

I understood that there was no point arguing further. He wouldn’t let me go until his demand settled.

50k, ok ? ‘, I countered.

He slipped me my RC and license in an unattended way. I flew before he could ask for my PAN number altogether.

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