You have the greatest gift of TODAY. Invest it wisely !

02:23 AM, Wednesday.

Yesterday one of my very old friends called to say hello. He was a very dear friend of mine back in my Nainital days (Uttaranchal). It was somewhere 2001-02 back then, almost 13 years ago. People call it Uttarakhand today. For me it will be always Uttaranchal. I did my schooling here. I was completely shaken when the name flickered on my cellphone, simply out of the blue he had called.

By the evening one of my college friends argued with me over a call, on how could I miss a wedding of indeed one of my dearest friends. Its hardly 3 years since we left college. His exact words were,” Bhai tu to bada aadmi ban gya. Bahut busy ho gya. Meri bhi shaadi me aayega ki nahi ? “(Brother, you have become big. You are too busy. Will you even care to attend my wedding ?). He was a very dear friend of mine from college who had gone to attend one of our mutual friends’ wedding. College days. Oh, My Manipal days.

My entire time afterwards went thinking, thinking out loud on how time has changed. Cursing it every now and then.

But wasn’t this the dreamt destination ? To work and earn and be something good in your life. Wasn’t this the motive behind the entire journey ?

Gone are those days. Little money. Big dreams. High hopes. Fights. Excuses. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Here I am, sitting on my couch, thinking, calculating everything from time to money. Here I am, 25, who works for a multinational now. Here I am, counting the number of hours I am left with, before I have to leave for office.

It seems days were easier back then.

The times we used to spend together, those friends of ours who once seem to be inseparable. Ironically, even a call once in a while has become a distant dream. Nobody had even thought of this outcome of time, let it be unintentionally or any other way. Once who used to die for one another, have hardly any knowledge of one’s existence today. It bothers to think even if they remember me. Do they also wonder what if we hadn’t lost touch ? Still thinking.

Last evening, a dear one of mine told, ” I don’t want to miss any opportunity to be with you.” I asked myself what I would do differently if it was the last time I was seeing her. This gave me some realisations lately.

I simply thought, ” I’d hug her so tightly because I don’t know if I’ll ever get to hug her again. I’d listen to everything she says and try to remember all the words for I don’t know when I’ll hear her voice again. I’ll look into her eyes and try to remember how we met and became such good friends over time. I’ll make an effort to tell her how much she means to me, because I don’t know if I ever will.

Then, another part of my insides poked ” You’d do all of that only if you knew that it was the last time you were seeing her ? Why wouldn’t you do all of this otherwise ? 

Thats when it hit. Hard.

“” Life is all about what happens when we’re busy making excuses. Its happening. NOW. Life is all memory, except for that one present moment that goes by you so quickly that you hardly catch it while going. We can’t predict the future, nor can we change the past, all we can do is appreciate the present and live in the moment. “”

Imagine if there was a bank account that credits your account everyday with Rs. 86,400. But every evening it consumes all the money that was left over. It doesn’t believes in carrying balances forward. But at the same time it also ensures the same credit the next morning. What would you do? Draw out every single penny everyday. Right?

Life gives us each one such bank. It’s called time. Every morning it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off as lost, whatever of it you have failed to invest to a good purpose. No balance. No overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for us actually. Each night it burns the remains of the day. There is no drawing against ‘Tomorrow’. You must live in the present on today’s deposits. Invest it so as to get the utmost from it in happiness, health and success.

The clock is running. Make the most of today.

Hug your loved ones close tonight, you might never get this beautiful night again.
Just look into their eyes and fall in love all over again.
You never know when you’ll get to be this lucky again.

Hold them close. Make an effort and cry oceans if you feel like.


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