Rear seats in Cars tend to have greater powers. Apparently, for most of us !


just another out there !

Driving in India is undoubtedly one hell of a nightmare. We all agree on this. Everyone seems to be in a hurry. Typically, Everyone. Endless vehicles honking on the city roads, to an extent that even a deaf person can bleed through one’s eyes and ears. I am sorry for being rude but thats the fact we need to acknowledge. Believe me, the situation is abysmal.

But today, here I am, to discuss something different. You might have noticed that there is a different occupational community which serves for car owners, that we have contemplated since ages. Precisely, for those who could afford the luxury of cars, not today, but a decade back I would say. The driver or the chauffeur. 

I have noticed a thing every now and then. As soon as we roll down our windows, we find in many cars, the seat adjacent to the drivers’ , empty. In…

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