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CRY – Child Rights & You


“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a Mosquito.”   – Dalai Lama

Oh, our Incredible India ! When we talk about this country, the common thing that first hits our mind is, Poverty. The land of the Poors. On the contrary, the land of Richie riches’ as well.

But today we are talking about the ones who are banished from our societies, the ones who are cursed with the ferocity of their lives, the ones for which most of us hardly even care if they exist. Yes, I am talking about those unlucky ones  who could not afford their basic needs like food, shelter n sanitation facilities, forget about their security and self esteem needs.

Do we really care how they survive, beyond the uncountable & unfortunate incidents like Child labour, rapes, prostitution etc which they face almost everyday ? They are too poor and weak to afford justice. They have to suffer in silence because nobody even cares to hear their plea, justice is simply a far fetched dream for them. Did we give a thought anytime ? Well, Now ?

Well, there are numerous NGO’s and Non-profitable organisations which help them survive through this brutal world. These contribute to a great number of men and women who try to make this world a better place to live in. They challenge the society and against all odds take a step and provide their support physically, financially and emotionally as well. Ironically, most of us don’t even care for them as well. We are just too busy or lazy in our comfort zone.

Better late than never, today I joined the group of thousands of anonymous people who put their hard earned money for philanthropic causes, anonymously. Today, I donated a handful of money to CRY (to support 1 child for food & education). And feeling too happy about that. 🙂

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An everlasting experience as a trainee.


It all started on 28th October 2012, the day which embarked the beginning of a new amazing journey. A bunch of tepid as well as keen faces outside DLF office were waiting to get inside their dream premises, apprehensively eager to mark their presence in the corporate world. Everyone was allowed to get inside, in the spirit of being a member of tata family. Formalities were completed followed by a technical check test. Finally, people were demarcated into various disciplines and journey was set to start for a 90 day intensive learning and development process.

The initial days of our learning program were followed by the formal informative and induction sessions, thus imbibing values on which the backbone of the company stands. Now, the serious business started with the technical and business sessions intended to improve our skills so as to survive effectively in this giant sector. Our dreadful technical sessions and fantabulous business sessions completely counterbalanced each other.

With each passing day, associates became acquaintances and acquaintances became friends. Some were technically sound, some were genuinely naïve while some were beginners as well. With each passing day, we started cracking jokes, celebrating birthdays and partying around. Some were really good at imitating people, though we realized it late. Now our batch had got singers as well as dancers and indeed the good ones whose performances were highly awaited. In spite of our hectic schedule, we managed to visit Mahabaleshwar, one of the most exotic nearby destinations.

This meticulously planned learning phase is on the verge of getting over. It has made us learn and acquire every conceivable skill within its limits. It has transformed us from a college graduate to a corporate professional. This will always remain in our hearts as the most memorable times of our lives. It would be quixotic to say that this ILP may last forever, but we are happy and content enough to being a part of it. Though the memorabilia is too susceptible to be expressed in mere words, I will be concluding here keeping in account the page constraints.


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