|| India’s Greatest Ironies ||


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Banning the movie PK – In the face of Religion.


While the most anticipated movie of the year is still driving the box office, the controversy which it bagged, makes it more popular to be watched once. Be it a pessimist, optimist or a skeptic. I watched it and am still trying to figure out what is there in the movie which attracts protest. PK, banned or not, there’s one thing which is for sure. The uproar will rule public memories and hearts before being swept away like any other controversy-cum-protest that this country courts almost every now and then.

Yes, it should be banned. Why not ? For it showed us a MIRROR. For it forced us to storm out of our blind faiths. For it tried to restore our faiths in humanity above religion. For it questions our dogmatic lifestyle & tries to alter it. For the simple fact that we are not able to digest our naked truths when presented on display. Afterall, it tried to open our eyes and we are not able to handle the light getting inside our cozy eyes.

We Indians have always have a space for a foul cry in the name of religion. Well, for most of us. Our stand of religion or our religious sentiments are like over inflated water balloons. They distort anyway, doesn’t matter howsoever delicately someone tries to handle it. It is destined to burn down ones’ hand who tries to hold it, or even touch it for that matter. For one who tries to play with, its catastrophic consequences leads to the homicide of the masses. This is what we have made religion out of us.

First, we made religion. Afterwards, religion made all of us. This is one of the greatest ironies today.

Our priests have a firm belief in them being the messengers of God. Interestingly, entire public affirms their faith and worships them in the face of God.  They have always befooled us with the so called Darr-ka-business and we are even letting them too.

We Indians are the official sponsors of our Gods & Goddesses. 

Religion is the only raga here. I don’t think religion tells us to vandalise theatres, or to break framed glasses & burn posters. Neither it says to worshipping stones. We have a great affinity with stones. We use to worship a few of them, others to pelt at one another, nonetheless some are also used to carve out our living room floors. We are still busy in finding our creators in temples and mosques, while they reside in our hearts I would say. Apparently, we worship stones & statues and kill humans. Sadly, all, in the name of religion.

We are educated enough to understand what religion all about. I believe its all about having hope and faith in mother nature or in our creators per say, and finding a way to regain our peace of mind, if lost at any point of time in our lives.

I firmly believe that PK is an amazing work by Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani, along with their entire crew. Keep up the good work, Guys ! Now, its our nation and society which needs to acknowledge and accept it. Lest, we can protest and continue burning posters of Aamir and Hirani Saab, absconding the motives behind the work. Afterall, no good deed goes unpunished.

“Inside a library, GITA and QURAN never fight. Those who fight over them are ironically the ones who have never read any of them.”

P.S.: This writeup has no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments. These are one’s personal views and can subject to differences.


Incredible India. Really ??


We have always believed to live in an Incredible India. A country that has so much to give for. Accounting for various rich cultures, traditions, heritage etc. to being called the “Golden Bird”, we profoundly enunciate these whenever we find an excuse, let it be time or occasion, staging our patriotism to the apex. Sometimes I wonder, are we really that great ? Just close your eyes for a while and ask yourself the same question. Thrice.

Obviously there are no easy answers. In some ways, we truly are but in others we aren’t. I am sorry but we will have to accept that.

Sometimes, I personally believe that we have always strived to live as hypocrites though out our lives, since ages. This is just my personal opinion and has been written with no intention to hurt anyone in any way. In fact, hypocrisy is all revolving around us. We make some ground rules and undoubtedly some of them are good ones indeed. The same ethics and values do stand correct for a set of people but ironically some fall apart and go invalid in case we (supposedly) consider a different set of homo sapiens. People change and so do their beliefs. We make our pain and sufferings rise to heights, enunciating the misery of life just to embrace the so-called social status in the face of society. A whopping dowry ensures the status, while no one cares if one crumbles to accumulate bread and butter afterwards. Parents want to imbibe the entire oxford dictionary into their kids and typically every kid in the country is expected to turn out to become the greatest of engineers and doctors. On the other hand, they can’t afford letting their kids to see some of hollywood movies as they are just believed to be sexual emoticons and thereby try to dogmatise the child’s beliefs as well.

An Indian Classic. Isn't it ?

An Indian Classic. Isn’t it ?

I totally agree that the entire world cannot be summarised on a single point of view. People need to grow, open up, especially the kids as they are the future of society and country. Apart from a few exceptions, I can confidently argue that most of the kids in our country are not allowed to pick a career of their own choice. I mean what more of an ironical side can you expect ? Sadly, this is our tragic lifestyle. We always do things affirmatively to impress others, those others who can hardly pronounce our existence on the planet. One is allowed to stab another in front of an entire mob and no one utters a word, while a kiss to your loved ones can be more shameful, offensive and dangerous to your health considering the same grounds of society, people etc.

We believe that western culture is destroying us but fail to see that even our eastern culture didn’t turn out to be great as well. We always blame the west for eroding our culture. Which western culture are we talking about ? The same culture which provided us telephones, electricity and much more ? I will try not to sound biased but we really need to give some second thoughts before passing judgements on something. Or lets just say, anything.

I still can't anything wrong here. Do you ?

I still can’t anything wrong here. Do you ? We are free, right ?

These are some serious questions being posed to our society, our India. I will not attempt an answer here as this is not my place to do so. The answer has to come from the society and the people themselves. Where do we want our Indian society to go ? Do we want to progress vertically and help ourselves build a nation where our youth can meet their aspirations ? I hope that one day our country will emerge as a nation that it is contemplated of. We expect of the golden days to come when one will get the complete freedom, freedom to live one’s own way, freedom to choose careers, freedom to wear whatever one wishes to, without any fear of being judged by any other individual.

Dialogue from a famous movie, “Koi bhai desh perfect nahi hota, use perfect banana padta hai !”. Remember ? which one ?

Hope for a Shining India !! Incredible India !!