Under promise, Over deliver.


12:23 PM, A Wednesday Afternoon.

“Sure Sir, I will get the document ready by 4 PM today.” The boss raised his eyebrows when you somehow managed to deliver by 04:30 PM, giving you a petty look.


11:30 AM, Another Friday Morning.

“Make sure you deliver this by Monday morning. The client needs it asap.”

“Sir, its a tough time. Make it Thursday please. It won’t be possible by Monday anyway.”

“Alright. Thursday morning. Done.” And you submitted the work by Tuesday itself. Well appreciated indeed !


A promise is a debt, actually.

Its all about expectations, isn’t it. Haven’t you gone nuts when you received a parcel just two days before than expected ? You actually tend to go nuts.

My sister received a parcel a couple of days ago, slightly before than the expected delivery date. She went crazy. Forget about the product quality or anything, it seemed like its delivery was all everyone cared about. This is how this concept really works.

Most online majors excel in this strategy. Be it Flipkart, Snapdeal or any other online sellers per say.

For a moment, it hardly matters if its just crap on the insides. All that matters is punctuality and packing of the product, losing the sight of the bigger picture.

When we settle down for something, we accept that to be finished with that stipulate time frame. That becomes a no-big-deal. It’s expected out of you. And when one gets what he or she had expected, the efforts of the person standing other than the receiver’s end, ways out to drains.

In my opinion, its best to honestly make a commitment to someone, and try to fit into the estimated timeframe. And most importantly, on the other hand, to appreciate what someone is willing to offer. If you fit in the original timeframe, you will be a Hero.

There might be different set of opinions on this.

Share your thoughts !

#If you want a satisfied client, always under promise and over deliver.